About us

International Centre for Theravada Buddhism – UK

We are a UK based non-profit organisation working with Theravada Buddhist monks in the world (specially in Sri Lanka), academics and scholars to provide a tangible communal platform to reinforce the practice of Theravada Buddhism in the UK. A large part of our organisation's mission is to initiate and prosper an effective repository of Theravada Buddhist texts, literature and cultural articles, and make them readily accessible to the public. We believe this will not only be of immense value to the practitioners and devotees of Theravada Buddhism, but also prove extremely beneficial to the broader artistic development of the Buddhist culture.

Theravada Buddhist Philosophy has the capacity to still the mind. Compassion, human kindness, non-violence, awareness, truthfulness, knowledge of ones own limited needs, sharing, non-greed and the wisdom to know things as they are, are the main principles of the Theravada Buddhist Philosophy. Buddhist culture in its entirety is built on these principles. Therefore, in our view, any Buddhist cultural exchange on a practical level can only be made by conveying the concepts in a meaningful manner to individuals. Such experiential elements cannot be acquired by mere learning but needs to be developed as a practice. Our main intention is to lay the foundation for such an exchange. Our aims are to help achieve stability of the mind through meditation, cultivating a liberal mind from the very beginning and to offer the necessary instruction and assistance from experienced teachers who are advanced practitioners of meditation. The gift of philosophical and cultural exchange can also take place through lectures about the Theravada teachings. It is not our aim to promulgate Theravada Buddhism. Our only aim is to cultivate a contented mind and an understanding of the nature of reality. It is envisaged that our work will involve conducting meditation sessions, delivering talks and lectures and collaborating with the British Library and the High Commission of Sri Lanka (UK) to access ancient texts of Theravada Buddhism and Ayurvedic medicine to help preserve such archives electronically. We will also work with other Theravada countries and organisations conducting similar work in the UK. Such cooperation will reflect the quintessential nature of the Theravada tradition.


Madhurika Jayawardana
Sujatha Wickramathunga
Kasun Rajapapakse


Saman Jayawardana
Don Ratnayaka
Lakshman Gallage
Priyantha Boteju
Prasad Uduwaka
Samantha Jayasingha


Royal Pandit Reverend Kothmale Kumara Kassapa Thero (MA)