“Thripitaka Deepani” Program Launch Event


“Thripitaja Deepani” program was successfully launched at Labunoruwakanda Monastery on the 2nd of October. The main purpose behind this whole event is to preserve the true Buddhism. www.paramaththa.org was launched to the cyberspace where people from all over world will have the access to the digitized “Thripitaka” manuscripts (පුස්කොළ පොත්) which has been preserved in various places in the world. Especially the manuscripts preserved in the University of Manchester John Rylands Library and the British Library are now available on the website. There had been a widespread speculation that the true Buddhism in the form of Thripitaka was only written in manuscripts preserved in UK. With this huge effort by our chief dignitary monks from this monastery, anybody can access those manuscripts which are now freely available on our dedicated internet site. This will enable for people to get rid of all the doubts implanted by those who try to distort and tarnish the true values which has been in the practice from ancient times by scholar monks based on Thripitaka preserved in our country.

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